This was my car.

My Civic was sold in November of 1997 to make room for my 1998 Honda Accord V6 Sedan. This page is here as a reference for those who might be interested in what I did with my car. A model that put Honda squarely in the Sport Compact Car craze.

1993 Honda Civic DX Coupe

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Comments: I removed the resonator assembly from the stock airbox (the part containing the Airfilter) which resulted in a very hollow boxy sound from the intake. I remedied this by lining the bottom of the stock airbox with thin 1/8 inch thick eggcrate shaped foam held in place with 3M spray adhesive. This significantly reduced the hollow box sound and made the car sound more throaty under full throttle acceleration. I think it might have helped midrange acceleration marginally as well but it might have been the placebo factor. The Cusco Adjustable Cam Sprocket made a huge difference in the throttle response of the car. Normally DX 1.5l engines are weak in the lower RPM range. Using the Sprocket, I was able to enhance the lower RPM Range and actually give me more torque in the 2000-4000 RPM range. The overall feeling is that the car is much faster and still revs up to 6000 RPM quite freely. I recently replaced my stock airbox with a DC Sports Max Air intake. The intake noise it much louder now and howls at anything above 4000 RPM. (Sounds kind of GS-R'ish..) I'm hoping to have sounds of my car soon. The sound perfectly compliments the exhaust note IMO.

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